Wynwood, Miami

Did you know that the Wynwood neighborhood is home to one of the largest open-air street-art installations in the world? This fact is arguably even more fascinating when you consider what it used to be – a business district in Miami. 

So how did it go from being a somewhat lackluster business district to the beautiful, vibrant neighborhood it is today? 

Let’s dive into the fascinating history of Wynwood, Miami. 

Exploring the History of Wynwood, Miami

Somewhere during the early 1900s, Wynwood, or “Wyndwood” (as it was known then) was subdivided and sold off as farmland. Eventually, it began to attract working-class citizens and manufacturers from big cities like New York. It soon grew into a commercial residential space.

Perhaps, the most notable of these manufacturers was Coca Cola, who built their plant during the 1920s. However, the district also had a growing connection with the south, which allowed it to expand into the fashion and garment business. 

The boom in business brought with it an increasing number of residents. This gave rise to unemployment and crime. The value of commercial land began to rise, and factories that were once thriving moved their businesses elsewhere.  

Towards the end of World War II, older residents began to move to the suburbs, and the neighborhoods attracted new migrants to Miami.  

A Melting Pot of Art and Culture

During the 2000s, Tony Goldman, a real estate developer, and his family began buying up the long-forgotten and abandoned warehouses within the district. They had a dream of converting the space into an open-air art gallery, and so they did. 

In 2009, they opened the Wynwood Walls. The once dilapidated walls and old factories now displayed vibrant murals, paintings, and graffiti. Tony Goldman transformed the place into an open canvas for contemporary urban street art. This drastic change brought in a whole new community of artists, and creative folk.

Although Tony died in 2012, his children went on to invest in Wynwood and helped transform it into the vibrant residential space it is today. 

Wynwood 25 and the Development of Livable Spaces

Real estate developers like the Related Group have invested millions in Wynwood to create beautiful, livable spaces that attract creative crowds from all around the country. After the art takeover, it seems that space is now moving towards a newer phase of residential development. 

The apartment building, Wynwood 25 is one such attractive space, its popularity owing to its incredible amenities as well as the diverse cultural hub that surrounds it.  

Life in Wynwood

Now the district is home to bars, galleries, breweries, and more, attracting diverse crowds like a true melting pot of culture and art. This upcoming, thriving space hosts a variety of opportunities for creative professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and other businessmen and women. 

Moving to Wynwood?

The fascinating history of Wynwood, Miami, and the effervescent cultural neighborhood it’s become makes it a fantastic place to live in.

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